Alien Proof Construction

Inspired by a love of big things, an ever-increasing workload and forever losing one’s tools, SCREWED by ALIEN PROOF CONSTRUCTION talks of the shackles that bind, the innate frustration at everything being ‘screwed’ and what it will take to get us out of this shit show…

Designed and built by Ran Stanton, director of this sets, props and special effects company [ANZ GAYTMs, ABC, Seven, TEN, Vodafone, SBS, MKR, Nine], SCREWED was built on a whim, yet it’s inclusion in KALEIDOSCOPIC means much more. It is a visceral reaction to COVID-19. Everything is fucked, right?

Medium: Timber, steel, paint

Dimensions: Variously big

Cost: POA


A setbuilder of 30+ years with a love of large-scale industrial sculpture, Ran likes to make you question what something is and how it works. He has exhibited throughout Australia, most recently at Sydney Festival, Sculpture by the Sea and Rookwood HIDDEN.

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