Entombed behind the glass at the tipping point of ecological crisis, life in the terrarium depends on maintaining chemical balance.

This little shop of horrors-esque clearance sale to extinction depends on the sweet nectar of consumerism, snapped and trapped by the ego driven survival mechanisms of the power hungry.

If a plant is killed it can no longer sequester carbon from the atmosphere.
If plant matter is burned it releases carbon back into the atmosphere.

All actions have reactions. There is no ‘away’.


Current collaborators and window dressers, 5VEG and Kamikaze Couture are plant nerds, admittedly. Wallflowers, possibly? Bystanders never! These two make bold use of alleyways and human bodies for backdrops. Pristine walls primed for paste ups or cyclone fences set up to exclude or tame, no space is off limits.

Street artist working with paint, posters, plants and earth.

Past works have been exhibited in:

  • Taylor Square temporary gallery space
  • Newtown Art Seat
  • Pine Street Creative Arts Centre
  • The Tate / The Toxteth
  • Kudos Gallery

Contact @5veg on insta.

Kamikaze Couture
A dressmaker by trade, fourth generation couturier Tealia Scott creates wonder working with textile and scrap, and has designed and made wearable art pieces that have circumnavigated the globe in every fashion and theatre arena.

  • Art and About, City of Sydney
  • National Art Gallery of NSW
  • Federation Square, Victoria
  • Carriageworks
  • Australian Fashion Week
  • Bangara Dance Theatre

Contact @KamikazeCouture on insta.

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