Kris Perry

 Down Down, Wages is Down

In a time where the Australian supermarket sector is experiencing unprecedented sales boosts in the billions due to panic hoarding and people eating more at home due to forced closures of restaurants, major supermarket retailers such as Coles and Woolworths are simply not paying their already underpaid workers. In February this year, Coles announced it has identified a total of $20 million in underpayment to its salaried team members, adding itself to a long list of major retailers caught up in a wage-theft scandal that shows just how much of a pimp they is.

“Bitches aint shit, you see… gettin’ money thas err-day.”
Steve Cain
CEO Coles Group

Kris Perry is an artist who works out of Nauti Studios in Stanmore. He once tamed a wild horse by realising it was afraid of its own shadow. He can be contacted at

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