Robert Charlotte Maxwell

AIDS Fuckers Go Home

AIDS Fuckers Go Home (oil, enamel, marker and silver gilt on panel) was completed as part of the artist’s 2019 Mardi Gras Artist’s residency at the Imperial Hotel Erskineville, a gay pilgrimage site, and the location where Priscilla was filmed and based.

The work embodies everything the queer experience brushes up against – displacement, otherness, disclusion and displacement, issues of isolation and the search for family and kin.
It is a statement on the current condition based in the iconography of a queer cinemascape.

Robert Charlotte Maxwell is an artist-archaeologist completing a PhD in contemporary archaeology. Rob is a non-binary, multi-generational resident of Sydney’s Inner West, currently being forced from the suburb due to gentrification. Their work is rich in subversive imagery and subject matter rendered in their unique language of 21st century abstract impressionism. Their work has featured in sell-out solo and group shows domestically over the past decade, and features in private collections in Australia, the UK, US, Sweden and Switzerland.

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