In the face of imposed isolation, social distancing measures that marginalise and contract societies, and the fear and disillusion the future holds, Tortuga Studios presents:

KALEIDOSCOPIC: an exhibition for strange times

It is a reaction, a visceral response to COVID-19, its devastating impact around the globe, and, more locally, the evisceration of Sydney’s arts quarter, the Inner West.

A rolling display of creative practice, KALEIDOSCOPIC is both greater than the sum of its parts and a tiny fragment of who we are as a creative community. A weekly rotation of artwork proudly installed in towering warehouse windows, overlooking Sydney Park, this exhibition is about finding tiny signs of beauty in a fractured world and nurturing the connection that we are missing.

It is our way of connecting artists and their audiences, of presenting work in isolation. You might glimpse it from a speeding window, read about it on social media or hear of it from a friend who wandered by, and while it might not be as tech savvy as a Zoom meeting, however you experience it, we hope KALEIDOSCOPIC entertains you.

Now in its twelfth year, Tortuga Studios is one of Sydney’s largest artist-run initiatives and proudly independent. It is a multidisciplinary warehouse studio space in St Peters with up to 40 creatives in residence at any given time, alongside 25 creative businesses at the aerie, our sister co-working space high in the eaves of the old brick factory.

Tortuga operates as a not-for-profit Incorporated Association. Among our crew are AV experts, setbuilders and props makers for film, theatre and TV, leatherworkers, jewellers, fine artists, installation artists, sculptors, writers, photographers, multi-media artists, street artists and performers.

The old brick factory is a meeting place, a shared space and a creative community in which to collaborate, explore, experiment, create, and engage, and Tortuga has become known for its edgy group exhibitions, producing that shine a light on the rich underground arts scene in Sydney, and it is proud to include many seminal Sydney artists among its friends.

As a space defined by its accessibility – to its creatives, to other artists, to collaborators, to the local community – Tortuga has had its purpose restricted immeasurably by the Corona virus pandemic and our role as a creative community space has been excised.

So, we’re doing what we always do: we’re adapting and improvising. And if Mohammad can no longer come to the mountain, we shall move the mountain… right into our front window.