The Time That Time Forgot

The world screeched to a halt this year due to unseen tiny little monsters. Who knows how many more are hiding in the folds of the dimension we are living in. Some good, some bad all invisible to the human eye.

Bunkwaa is an Australian comic book artist, animator and the illustrator of the fully sick comic series SPEWTOWN. His art is a sleight of hand journey into hyper-cartoon worlds, a kaleidoscopic ride full of character, worlds within worlds and faces within faces.

His current projects include a mind-bending Totally Unicorn animated live set, “Re-Animate”, an augmented reality public art collaboration with Penrith Council, and Alison’s Art Shop at the End of the World, a post-apocalyptic joy that teaches art survival tips to children.

Contact him in one of his many guises on insta: @bunkwaa, @spewtown

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