Regina Botros

Tunnel Vision

Iso | lat | ion

Interior | Exterior | Tunnel Vision

These works were made during lockdown and reflect a constant anxiety of the times through the exploration of isolation and the effects of this on our state of mind. The sense of a new normal is present as the deterioration and distortion pervades the visual landscape.

Abandoned | Rewind | Clowning Around | Gould’s Last Day | Aluminium Sky

While these works were not made over this year, they all respond to a feeling of isolation and the void that occupies the present hinting at a time past.

Designed to be listened to, versions of Regina’s work can be found at

Regina Botros is a freelance radio producer. She has made work for ABC Radio National since 2005, researching, writing, presenting and producing documentaries, features, dramas and poetry shows, and has recorded for the BBC as well as being short-listed for Chicago’s Third Coast International Audio Festival in 2016. 

She has directed for the stage on numerous occasions including the Sydney & Melbourne Comedy Festivals, Griffin theatre, Seymour Centre and other theatres around town. She has curated events and festivals and has her own theatre show on community radio.

She had her first solo exhibition of works – Mirror Mirror – in 2016, and works across many mediums including film, fine art, music, theatre and dance. She has a BA in dance, a graduate diploma in sound and is currently doing her masters in media and film.

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