Azelia Maynard

Shine On by Azelia Maynard is a playful tribute to extended car journeys, heading up the coast in the Valiant Safari, bare skin stuck to hot vinyl, the dog lolling wetly over your shoulder, his steamy breath scented of bone and carpet. Dad turns the dial, and the sticky tension in the wagon is sluiced with singalong joy, She’s a rich girl, she don’t try to hide it…

When was the last time you listened to Paul Simon, or howled With tangerine trees and marmalade skies…? Curiously, the chances are it was quite recently, because if there is ONE good thing to come out of “these unprecedented times” it is a resurgence of forgotten sound. Holed up at home, avoiding the radio, TV turned off, Spotify is queen. And if you idly suggest Lucy to this agile algorithm, well, you could end up twirling with diamonds all day long.

And that’s the sparkle we all need.

Azelia Maynard

A highly accomplished designer, Azelia’s day-to-day is keyboard corralled, but for this project she unearthed the graphite and lead and mined their multifaceted contrasts, sketching freeform, bringing back to life the tracks embedded in her memory.

Her creative practice is typified by the unexpected, a boardroom here and bare-foot festival there. At almost 43, she is yet to pick a discipline, but when she grows up she says she would like to be a potter.

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