Jo Shand

Where the Red Dirt Starts was commissioned by the artist for herself, a balm to the city’s relentless drawl. Driving hard into the night, a dog at her side, Silverton was where she slewed to a stop, baby-soft red dirt coating the troopie in welcome. A place rich in lore and law, the desolate beauty of this ancient space is caught in the work; laid over that is Broken Hill’s Line of Lode, the scarred relic of a brutal reality in this mining heartland.

An inner-west alum, Jo Shand’s work exists in the layers of our community – the dark, the deranged, the joyous and the quirky, all are rendered in the unsettling beauty of her art. This work strays into a more ephemeral layer, that of the need to escape….

Now based in Newcastle, Jo’s work has been exhibited all over Australia, including Salon de Refuses (S.H. Ervin), Mosman/North Sydney art prizes, as a finalist in the City of Villages art prize, and her work is in collections nationally.

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