Terra Incognita

Danse Macabre 

A homage to Holbein and Dür the old masters of the Dance of Death. Considered the first artistic social criticism levelled at status, a thought horizon brought on by the great famine and the black plague, the dance of death – performed in masks and costumes – is also thought to be the potential origin of All Hallow’s Eve. .

Thus it is the most auspicious time, just two days past October 31st, and brushing firmly up against Día de Muertos, to reverberate in traditions past, reminding ourselves to dance while we may… while a casting a cautious glance at those who think themselves superior to nature and with their arrogance threaten to evolve humankind out of the gene pool.

Stalwart of the Tortuga scene, the irrepressible Terra Incognita is one of us. Her work spans multiple disciplines (to be honest, we’d never seen her line drawing until now – it’s incredible) and her visceral political nous means she has had The Donald in her crosshairs for a while. A giant tarot of death to symbolise the imminent decay of western society on the eve of the most contentious US election of modern time? Why not.

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