The Cosmic Organic Fluid State

“As I tape together pieces of sexy as f*ck hand printed wallpaper as the base to create this piece on I still have no idea what will come, what will be of it, having no agendas for the creation, just let it go, let it flow and have a sh*t tonne of loosey-goosey fun creating it!

Alright, the base is now set, Posca pens being the weapon of choice and colours picked…still no idea what to do… fu*k it lets have some beers and turn on some tunes… White Zombie – Astro Creep 200, that will set the tone!

State altered, mind free, see ya later social constructs!

This was the true art of having no agendas, the pen told me what to do and where to go. I was ruff, I didn’t care, it was a voice of expression within me, loosey-goosey was an understatement if even there was one… The colours changed to the beat of the music as swooshes and swirls of vibrant colours soon engulfed the page, soon started to merge into a mass of a natural creation. I would get up look at it, head bang for a bit and then dance around the drawing – barefoot of course! I was having a f*ckin rad time creating something that was unknown and I had no idea what to even do with it once the exhibition was over. This allowed a sense of freedom for anything to happen: I wasn’t attached, I was just being, allowing the moment to channel through me.

I close my eyes and think of the psychedelic experiences, the journeys beyond that have allowed me to see and feel things that cannot be unseen or unfelt. As the piece leans into creating a wave shape I can feel how natural this is, given each swirl is fluid and flowing like water. Being a lover of symmetry, as we and nature are the perfect examples of it, I decide to repeat it on the other side, the other side where most of the best things happen in life… the nature of symmetry brought together the shape of an eye: what was I seeing, what was I being told within the fluid flow state that seemed so natural and very much a beautiful journey.  

This piece was all about letting go, being free and having no agendas. It reminds me to have this state and the joy it brings. Release yourself, shake it down and welcome to The Cosmic Organic Fluid State.”

Paul Shanta AKA “Shanta” is a New Zealand-born stencil artist and graphic designer now living in Sydney. Bent on contributing to the bizarre and fantastic culture here on earth, Shanta creates a unique style that incorporates influences from nature, unlocking imaginary realms and invoking creative muses to guide his work. 

“I do what I do not because I have to, but for the love of it – it’s my passion…”

Shanta is a hard-working silly bugger whose stencils and digital illustrations have been widely used – from the full branding of restaurants and bars, to posters, apparel design and numerous forms of illustrative branding.

“I firmly believe in having set style tones yet a sense of diversity, making any project unique. So get in touch and let’s make awesome art together!”


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