Louise Campbell-Smith

Where to now from here?

There is a silhouette, a mirage of a woman. She holds paper and pen and walks, away and forwards. She is a silhouette with a shimmery silver body and glowing blue limbic system. It pulses through the ethereal body. The reef is the face, the face is everyone’s. Everyone is walking away, walking onwards. The ground is charred and barren, because it has been burnt and scarred. The sky is orange and bright and full of heat and sun, because there are fires and the sun is starting to set, we don’t know where to go next, who knows where to go?

In her hand a pen, a paintbrush, a paper, these are the divining rods to track onwards. They are minimal and bare, they are waiting for what comes next, because this is a new moment in time and nothing before is like today, though it seems like this is how things are forever now.

The pen or paintbrush are the way forward: to act is to create, and make a new way to bring together the unravelled parts.

The sunset beats into the distance.

In the current environment, beset by COVID, the blatant US police-based murders of people of colour, the fires that have decimated our local community and the non-regulated water market that is killing the Murray Darling river system, it’s hard not to despair. It is more important than ever to be strong, to fight against apathy, to keep going and renew the communities that have been so torn apart.

Louise Campbell Smith is a multi-disciplinary artist and sculptor. She uses mixed media, paint, texta, acrylic and oils to create images evoking memories of imagined moments with mythological gods and goddesses. She is intrigued by elements of the surreal superimposed with the everyday items of reality, such as the play of light across a glass of beer, or a spirit creature holding fire in their hand. 

#lulubel888 www.lulubelart.com

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