Terry Archer

I Wish and Fake Lies (Big Truth, Little Truth) reference the terrifying reality of 2020, a child blowing the seeds of COVID-19 like the dandelion clock it is; a man caught in the vicious ambiguity of truth and falsehood.

Terry Archer has been producing art for over 50 years. Born in the UK, he has lived in Sydney for the last 20 years. Raised on a diet of punk, politics and badly photocopied flyers handed out in dark warehouses, his art has a thought-provoking symbolic, political and sometimes humourous tint.

Over the years, his work has found its way onto canvas, warehouse walls, European pavements, flyers, computer monitors, theatre backdrops, in magazines and on any scrap of paper that’s handy.

At the moment, after years of high-colour and Photoshop work, he is revisiting his old black-and-white, summer of 1978, days.

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