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Cathy Frank

Searching for meaning within the boundaries of life, Sydney artist Cathy Frank’s new series Ungodly delves into the fleshy and often controversial topic of god, sinful behaviour and her ultimate rebellion against organised religion. Frank draws inspiration from her own childhood with her artwork “God is a Glitch”, exploring her liberation from Catholicism and coming to … Continue reading Cathy Frank

Tolmie MacRae

Catharthis in strange times, this body of work was created in Cologne, Germany, as an investigation into the materiality of digital video signal. As a video artist and VJ, Tolmie MacRae focuses on the internal universe of the digital video signal. Analog video signals have been manipulated and explored throughout video arts’ history by such … Continue reading Tolmie MacRae

Michaela Davies

Obstructed Recitals explores the ways in which struggle, effort, and even failure shape a performance by incorporating a variety of obstructions as a generative strategy. Each performer’s negotiation with their obstruction creates a new piece of music, which may or may not be recognisable as the original piece of music they have chosen to recite. … Continue reading Michaela Davies

Hiske Weijers

This project is loose and sketchy, an array of painted faces that have appeared during COVID. Sketched from screens during lockdown or semi lockdown, they represent people from places I’ve been, random faces, Dutch politicians, family, medical researchers and their patients, even photos people have sent me, to become part of this. A catalogue of faces, … Continue reading Hiske Weijers


“As I tape together pieces of sexy as f*ck hand printed wallpaper as the base to create this piece on I still have no idea what will come, what will be of it, having no agendas for the creation, just let it go, let it flow and have a sh*t tonne of loosey-goosey fun creating it! … Continue reading SHANTA

Paola Talbert

Cyanotype printing is one of the earliest forms of photography, first developed in 1842. Cyanotypes are created by coating a surface with a photosensitive solution, placing objects on the surface and exposing it to UV light. This creates unique ‘blueprints’, ghostly silhouettes that offer a soft shadow imagery in a world dominated by hyper-sharp digital … Continue reading Paola Talbert

Jo Shand

Where the Red Dirt Starts was commissioned by the artist for herself, a balm to the city’s relentless drawl. Driving hard into the night, a dog at her side, Silverton was where she slewed to a stop, baby-soft red dirt coating the troopie in welcome. A place rich in lore and law, the desolate beauty … Continue reading Jo Shand

Terry Archer

I Wish and Fake Lies (Big Truth, Little Truth) reference the terrifying reality of 2020, a child blowing the seeds of COVID-19 like the dandelion clock it is; a man caught in the vicious ambiguity of truth and falsehood. Terry Archer has been producing art for over 50 years. Born in the UK, he has … Continue reading Terry Archer

Terra Incognita

Danse Macabre  A homage to Holbein and Dür the old masters of the Dance of Death. Considered the first artistic social criticism levelled at status, a thought horizon brought on by the great famine and the black plague, the dance of death – performed in masks and costumes – is also thought to be the potential origin of … Continue reading Terra Incognita

Robert Charlotte Maxwell

AIDS Fuckers Go Home (oil, enamel, marker and silver gilt on panel) was completed as part of the artist’s 2019 Mardi Gras Artist’s residency at the Imperial Hotel Erskineville, a gay pilgrimage site, and the location where Priscilla was filmed and based. The work embodies everything the queer experience brushes up against – displacement, otherness, … Continue reading Robert Charlotte Maxwell


The world screeched to a halt this year due to unseen tiny little monsters. Who knows how many more are hiding in the folds of the dimension we are living in. Some good, some bad all invisible to the human eye. Bunkwaa is an Australian comic book artist, animator and the illustrator of the fully sick comic … Continue reading BUNKWAA

Louise Campbell-Smith

Where to now from here? There is a silhouette, a mirage of a woman. She holds paper and pen and walks, away and forwards. She is a silhouette with a shimmery silver body and glowing blue limbic system. It pulses through the ethereal body. The reef is the face, the face is everyone’s. Everyone is … Continue reading Louise Campbell-Smith

Nikki McLennan

NEW NORMAL comprises a retro display from 2001, starkly contrasted by the bleakness of a masked mannequin from 2020, courtesy of Newtown Vinnies during lockdown. I started photographing mannequins after graduating from National Art School in 2001. I had received a government grant to open my own business and, while I got off to a … Continue reading Nikki McLennan

Rhiannon Hopley

Exploring the relationship between the built environment, our land and ourselves, Witching Hour possesses a haunting Australian gothic quality conveyed by a cinematic approach with the use of prominent contrasts between dark and light.  The scene depicts a weathered shed illuminated by headlights, that also reveals a mysterious fragmented figure, set beneath a starry sky. It symbolises … Continue reading Rhiannon Hopley

Brian P

The Lone Ranger is riding on down, to rescue you… in a pair of suspenders, because THAT is what we need in these trying times. Brian P’s agitprop socio-political work lampoons corporate culture, advertising, the media and all the usual targets. Often controversial, the work has gathered the attention of censors, has been the subject … Continue reading Brian P

Regina Botros

Iso | lat | ion Interior | Exterior | Tunnel Vision These works were made during lockdown and reflect a constant anxiety of the times through the exploration of isolation and the effects of this on our state of mind. The sense of a new normal is present as the deterioration and distortion pervades the … Continue reading Regina Botros

Azelia Maynard

Shine On by Azelia Maynard is a playful tribute to extended car journeys, heading up the coast in the Valiant Safari, bare skin stuck to hot vinyl, the dog lolling wetly over your shoulder, his steamy breath scented of bone and carpet. Dad turns the dial, and the sticky tension in the wagon is sluiced … Continue reading Azelia Maynard

Jasmine Poole

Graffitied across a construction site:  “Go home you yellow dog” .  Yelled at a woman in a car, “Go back to where you came from, you dirty cunt, you dirty monkey”.  “You fucking Chinese, you bring the virus over”, slurred to a woman on the train.  Spat on, pushed, punched. These are just a handful of … Continue reading Jasmine Poole

Rudy Ardianto

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel Broken things can be fixed or turned into something of better value: a torn painting stitched with gold string, a light installation forged from trash, an abandoned mannequin becomes the cradle of new hope. Visual artist, creative director, graphic designer and illustrator Rudy Ardianto lives and works … Continue reading Rudy Ardianto


TERRARIUM SALE Entombed behind the glass at the tipping point of ecological crisis, life in the terrarium depends on maintaining chemical balance. This little shop of horrors-esque clearance sale to extinction depends on the sweet nectar of consumerism, snapped and trapped by the ego driven survival mechanisms of the power hungry. If a plant is … Continue reading 5VEG + KAMIKAZE COUTURE

Kris Perry

In a time where the Australian supermarket sector is experiencing unprecedented sales boosts in the billions due to panic hoarding and people eating more at home due to forced closures of restaurants, major supermarket retailers such as Coles and Woolworths are simply not paying their already underpaid workers. In February this year, Coles announced it … Continue reading Kris Perry

Andrea Davies

Created as part of a collection of paintings for Art Month in 2013, and in response to an archival letter from the Chief Protector of the Aborigines, Dr Cecil E Cook, in 1933, which outlined his plan to eliminate the ‘hybrid coloured population’ by preventing intermarriage between Asians and Aborigines to ‘breed out the colour’. … Continue reading Andrea Davies

Alien Proof Construction

Inspired by a love of big things, an ever-increasing workload and forever losing one’s tools, SCREWED by ALIEN PROOF CONSTRUCTION talks of the shackles that bind, the innate frustration at everything being ‘screwed’ and what it will take to get us out of this shit show… Designed and built by Ran Stanton, director of this … Continue reading Alien Proof Construction

Rachael Lafferty

“American Tragedy is a work developed and informed by my ongoing relationship with the USA through family and friends. I grew up there and travelled often between Australia and America throughout my life. This piece was created in about 2008. I had a feeling at the time that the work had a prescient quality. It addresses … Continue reading Rachael Lafferty

Rhiannon Hopley

Kaleidoscopic’s first artist, Rhiannon Hopley’s artwork People > Money comments on our governments misguided concerns during this time.This was in conjunction with Micro Galleries @microgalleries international project Words in Windows, a one-week micro disruption across the world. The premise is that while huddled in our homes, we can still connect with neighbours, passers-by and the world by placing words … Continue reading Rhiannon Hopley

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