Hiske Weijers


This project is loose and sketchy, an array of painted faces that have appeared during COVID. Sketched from screens during lockdown or semi lockdown, they represent people from places I’ve been, random faces, Dutch politicians, family, medical researchers and their patients, even photos people have sent me, to become part of this. A catalogue of faces, there is something in the way they are watching, waiting to see what happens next…

Born in the Netherlands, Hiske Weijers currently lives and works in Sydney. As a child she was always drawing; in her late teens she embarked on the world and everywhere she went she carried a sketch book, recording her encounters. Since then, a sketchbook has been a constant companion.

After studying art and art history as well as life drawing at high school, Hiske went on to study fine art at TAFE in Adelaide and BA of Fine Arts at COFA (UNSW).

She has exhibited in Berlin , Amsterdam and around Australia.

Get in touch with Hiske at hiskeweijers.com

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