A weekly rotation of artwork proudly displayed in Tortuga’s towering warehouse windows overlooking Sydney Park, this exhibition talks of the strange times we exist in

Current artist

Vectorpunk aka Peter Strong

Three Lorikeets is a fusion of screen-printing and stencil art. The background formed over a year in the Vectorpunk studio, as layers of leftover inks from print runs scraped over the board to produce abstract ‘landscrapes’. The Lorikeet stencils where then put over the top in the style of the classic Three Duck wall hangings…

“Tortuga Studios is a powerful creative space and an indelibly connected community that pushes boundaries while embracing anyone who wishes to collaborate. And, in the face of adversity, it rises up to protect and provision its artists, while at the same time giving us a glimpse of the beauty within in the form of eclectic, eccentric and contemporary artworks on display for all to enjoy.”

Suzanne Stanton
Q Station