Vectorpunk aka Peter Strong

Three Lorikeets, 1050mm x 980mm
Mixed media on board

Three Lorikeets is a fusion of screen-printing and stencil art. The background formed over a year in the Vectorpunk studio, as layers of leftover inks from print runs scraped over the board to produce abstract ‘landscrapes’. The Lorikeet stencils where then put over the top in the style of the classic Three Duck wall hangings popular in the 1950s. The work is representative of the many layers of emotion we deal with on a daily basis, a pastiche of raw feeling amidst an ever-changing understanding of our new reality, while the lorikeets are a powerful symbol of hope for the future.

Vectorpunk is an art and design service offered by Sydney-based artist and designer Peter Strong. As well as producing other people’s projects, Vectorpunk has been producing highly acclaimed multimedia artwork for two decades… and counting.

Peter Strong is an integral part of Tortuga Studios, and has been since its inception in 2008. His art practice ranges from political, social and countercultural comment, to abstract landscapes, graphic mandalas and pop art.

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